I came across this list and wanted to share it with you. I think these are a good reminder and checklist as you go through the process of transitioning into the Medical Device industry. I’ve added an additional reason that I see happen all to often.

Written by Orville Pierson, author of “The unwritten rules of the highly effective job search: land a job you love”, they are right on target.

The top 10 reasons why it takes people too long to find a job.

  1. They don’t put much time of effort into job hunting. 
  2. They waste time on unproductive activities. 
  3. They have no way of measuring their progress. 
  4. They’re not sure what kind of work they’re looking for. 
  5. They don’t make a list of prospective employers, or it’s not long enough. 
  6. They don’t define and analyze their own personal job market. 
  7. They have no systematic approach to the job search project. 
  8. They only pursue announced job openings and use no proactive approaches. 
  9. They don’t realize that search is a numbers game, or they seriously underestimate the numbers needed. 
  10. They go it alone, without any objective advice or support. 
  11. Life gets in the way!

To track your job search progress, please go here to download the free Pierson Progress chart, http://bit.ly/jsprogchart.

Best of luck!