“I coach people who don’t need a coach,
but deserve one.”

I'm passionate about helping my clients reach their business goals, improve team results, and create high-performing organizations.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurial business owners, sales leaders, and professionals achieve those results over the past 17 years. I invite you to download my Secrets to Successful Communications (below), check out my Coaching Focus Areas  (below), read what my clients say — and then contact me with your questions.

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Steve Porcaro

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • Joseph Raymond, CNIM, MBA, CMCO Joseph Raymond, CNIM, MBA, CMCO President, Axis Neuromonitoring
    It is always invaluable to have an actively involved professional executive coach with a fresh, non-bias, point of view that is only interested in the betterment of the company he is coaching.  Steve provides a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps management teams see above the weeds and gain a clear and refocused point of view when difficult issues arise. Being a part of an active and passionate management team, sometimes opinions can become very strong, which can lead to communication breakdowns and lack of openness, which then can lead to lack of progress.  It is very relieving to have Steve to coach and guide the team on communication, in these moments to make sure that progress is not hindered, and help guide that passion to produce the greatest benefits for the company. Steve’s patience with a difficult team, along with his insight and intuitiveness to each individual on the team was critical to getting the best out of them. I would absolutely recommend Steve to others.  He is an absolute valuable cornerstone to any great team.
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  • Patrick Greene Patrick Greene President, Greene Moving & Storage
    By working with Steve I have been able to gain clarity and focus. It is easy to get overwhelmed at times, however by working with Steve I have been able to put things in to perspective and come up with a plan of attack for those challenges that seemed insurmountable. I would highly recommend Steve to any who is looking to gain some guidance and direction in a business world where it is often hard to know where you are going next.
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  • Nikki Couloumbis Nikki Couloumbis Owner/Principal, Biologics Unlimited, LLC
    I have worked with Steve intermittently since 2011. His own experience in medical device sales, combined with his thorough understanding of what it takes to build and run a business, make him a fantastic coach for anyone along the continuum from direct sales rep to business owner/entrepreneur. Steve is a high integrity professional, and his warmth and personality make him a pleasure to work with on any topic or challenge. Excellent at supporting the client's process, self-awareness, and growth. Steve is great at what he does and I highly recommend him.
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  • Tom Cunningham Tom Cunningham Vice President of Sales and Marketing, MioMed Orthopedics Inc
    "Steve is an authentic leader and great communicator. Having worked in many sales and leadership roles in the medical device industry for a couple of decades prior to starting his coaching business, he brings the experience and knowledge needed to help coach sales reps and sales managers on how to plan, prepare and execute. I would recommend Steve for any sales rep and/or sales manager who is looking to take their business to the next level."
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  • Bob DeLisa Bob DeLisa President, Cooperative Systems
    Steve has worked with my company as a business coach and has been one of the most effective coaches I have worked with. His enthusiasm and persistent emphasis on quality and his ability to motivate leaders is what differentiates him from other business consultants. Steve is especially strong on the sales and marketing side and has helped our company develop a solid sales force. I highly recommend him to any business looking to improve sales and to help motivate employees.
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  • Katherine Miles Katherine Miles Owner/founder, Ruby Slipper Car Seat Cover, LLC
    When I contacted Steve the first time my business had no cyber presence. I had only one marketing idea and I was rather timid about approaching people. Since working with Steve I have developed much more confidence and I am able to talk to strangers and tell them the advantages of my product. I am learning ways to communicate with manufacturers and other professional people. Steve helped me come up with forms for my testers to fill out giving me a wealth of information to use with my brochures and website. My business is now on Facebook, LinkedIn, and I have a web page. Steve has helped me develop a virtual office which allows people to call me toll free. I have been able to refine my brochures and instruction sheets. I have done a lot of marketing things that I never imagined myself doing; such as trade shows, craft fairs, and Facebook ads. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to grow their business.
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