Creating your Professional Vision

The significance of this goal…

A professional vision gives you direction and sets the tone for growing your career, and helps select and prioritize your advancement and opportunities. Without this direction, you cannot develop an effective plan of action.

Your professional vision should relate to who you are and what is important to you. Factors such as your career vision, values, traits, skills, interests, and overall experience. It should clarify the role you prefer and the level of autonomy you are seeking.


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Part 1: Professional Competitive Edge Strengths

What you unearth in this worksheet may result in the modification—or even elimination—of some key factors in your Professional Vision Statement. This exercise will lead you into a self-examination that determines the strengths you possess, and the challenges that limit you. An understanding of these elements will indicate whether you have what it takes to realistically attain your Professional Vision Statement, and how others may see you.
Self-examination can be difficult, but remember that self-awareness, as well as self-acceptance, is important for the achievement of success.

In examining your strengths, you must identify the greatest strengths you possess that you also have passion to use, agree with your basic personality or behavioral nature and which can make a major positive impact on your career. These are your Professional Competitive Edge Strengths.
The following are areas to consider in developing your Professional Competitive Edge Strengths Statement, with examples shown:

Create your 100-word Professional Competitive Edge Strengths statement

Your areas of strength, passion and natural behavior also have “Big Picture” potential as they apply to your career. By focusing on these strength areas only, write a Professional Competitive Edge Strengths Statement in 100 words or less.

Part 2: Professional Challenges

Every one of us has things we must do even if we are not great—or even good—at doing them. To identify your challenges, you must objectively examine your professional-related challenges that create negative patterns in your career.

The following are areas to consider in developing your Personal Business Weaknesses Statement, with examples shown. 

Create your 100-word Professional Challenges statement

Challenges are often difficult to accept. However, ignoring them will only keep you from the true success and happiness identified in your Professional Vision Statement.

Write a Professional Challenges Statement of no more than 100 words that focuses on the challenges that have the greatest negative impact on your career as identified above.

Part 3: Career Vision

Part 3: Create Professional/Career Vision Statement

  • Create your company vision statement in no more than 100 words by utilizing the information identified in parts 1 & 2.
  • After you are done, go back to your Personal Vision Statement and review elements affecting the future of the company that you do not want to share at this time with any company employees, or to share only with a few company employees.
  • Eliminate anything in your Company Vision Statement that is in conflict with your Personal Vision for the future of the company.