Before developing the Business Plans needed for your company to ultimately achieve your Company Vision, you need to assess your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Company SWOTs). One of the reasons for writing your Company SWOT Statements is to help you identify the elements in your Company Vision that may not be realistically attainable. Identifying your Company SWOTs will also help you to recognize what challenges your Company needs to overcome as a result of limitations that currently exist.

As a business owner, you already possess in your head most of the information needed to create your SWOT Statements. You know what is happening in your business and your industry, and no doubt you probably attend national trade meetings and read trade magazines. Putting the information that exists in your head into writing will help you prioritize and focus on what is most important.

When developing your Company Business Plans you will make use of the answers you give to the following SWOT questions.


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Exercise 1: Company strengths

After reviewing the results of the following questions, you will write your 100-Word Company Strengths Statement by choosing the three to five strengths identified in the exercises that have the most potential for positive impact on your company’s future. Consider each of the strengths as something that can be leveraged by your company into additional business success.

Answer the following questions to help identify the strengths most important to your company’s future:

Creating your 100-word company strengths statement

After reflecting on your answers to the questions in the last exercise, select three to five of your most powerful and unique company strengths that will also have the most positive impact on your company’s future.

Using these strengths, write your Company Strengths Statement in 100 words or less. The following is an example of one company’s 100-Word Strengths Statement.

Our strengths are our reputation for quality workmanship in our products and a talented, experienced engineering team. Our firm is also renowned for the unusual level of customization we offer at very reasonable pricing levels. Our product line in our niche market, namely specialized framing brackets, custom bar-joists and angled girder plates, has been exceptionally successful. We have a core group of loyal customers who count on our precision components to "fit first time, every time." Our consistently meeting and even exceeding our customers' expectations results in a high rate of repeat business from shopping center and commercial building constructors.

Create your 100-word company strengths statement utilizing the information identified in this exercise.