Conference Call, Webinar and Teleclass Etiquette Tips

Using an automated teleconference line is as easy as making a phone call. If you are unfamiliar with the process, the following suggestions and tips will make it an easy and enjoyed learning experience for everyone on the call.
  • Write down your teleconference number in a convenient place so you can find it on the day of your call.
  • Be prompt — dial the assigned teleconference number at the scheduled time.
  • Verify the correct starting time of the class for your time zone. Class times are indicated in Eastern Standard Time. Go to World Time Server to find your own corresponding time.
  • Use a land telephone for the best phone reception for you and for others in the class. Please limit cell phones, internet phones or speakerphones.  If you must call in from a cell phone, please be prepared to either mute yourself or hang up and call back on a different line if you bring an echo or static to the call.
  • No speakerphones or conference phones, if possible. The sound quality, echoes, and poor reception is annoying and disruptive on the call.
  • If you have call-waiting, please disable it first by dialing *70 and waiting for the dial tone. Then dial the teleconference number.
  • Use the mute feature on your telephone if you have one. Alternatively, use the mute feature built into the bridge line, as instructed.
  • Try to call from a quiet location. When there is background noise, please use your mute button. Background noise, the dog barking, radio, etc., could be a problem if 50 callers are not using their mute buttons.
  • Turn off cell phones, fax machines, beepers, pagers, second phone lines, other phones nearby, etc. that might ring during the call. If they do ring during the class, please put your mute on.
  • If you know that you’ll be arriving or leaving early, please let the leader know this as early as possible. Sending this notice to the leader by email before the class is highly recommended.
  • Please do not put us on hold. Many offices have music on hold and the call is “interrupted” by the music. If you have to leave the call, hang up and call back as soon as you can rejoin.
  • Avoid breathing directly into the mouthpiece, eating food, or putting your hand over the mouthpiece during teleconference call. All of these are disruptive on the call.
  • You may not audiotape the call without express permission from the teleclass leader and participants. First, it’s illegal unless everyone has given permission. Secondly, there is intellectual property involved. If the call is being taped you will be notified as the call begins.
  • Announce yourself by first name and city when asking questions during the question and answer period. Please keep your questions or observations short and to the point.
  • Please do not join the call and immediately burst into the conversation. Listen first to get into the context and flow of the discussion. Be aware of your impact.