Frequently Asked Questions 



If you can’t do great things,
do small things in a great way.

– Napoleon Hill


[expand title=”1. What is the SalesPlus MVP Coaching & Mastermind program?“] The SalesPlus MVP Coaching & Mastermind Group program is a  virtual peer advisory group for business owners and sales leaders looking to improve their businesses by attending monthly meetings run by a professional facilitator and coach.  During your monthly SalesPlus MVP meetings, you and other like-minded individuals will come together in a relaxed and confidential atmosphere to discuss your key topics and issues and support one another to grow your individual businesses.  [/expand]

[expand title=”2. Who are the other Members in my group?“]Our members operate at the 50,000-foot level. Their approach is simple, they want to be strategic and see the big picture. Each SalesPlus MVP member is a business owner or sales leader in a specialty that does not compete with other members in the group.  [/expand]

[expand title=”3. How many members in each group?“] Most groups have 6 members.  The minimum number of participants is 4 and the maximum is 8. [/expand] 

[expand title=”4. What is The OR Lounge? “] The OR Lounge (Based on the staff lounge in Operating Rooms)is the private online community for SalesPlus members.  This member’s only area provides monthly informal roundtable events with a variety of sales and business topics, community forum and resources for our members. [/expand]

[expand title=”5. How will I benefit from a SalesPlus MVP mastermind program?“]

  • Return on your investment When a group of experienced medical device sales leaders come together on a regular basis to brainstorm, assist, and support each other, it’s unlikely you’ll leave a meeting without realizing an ROI on your membership cost via the advice and practical solutions of group members which will impact your bottom line.
  • You will save time All of our work is done virtually, so there’s no down time commuting to and from meetings. By leveraging the power of video conferencing, telephone, email and community from the comfort of your office or home, you’ll get advice from your peers whether they’re in the next city or state. During most of our mastermind meetings, you’ll participate via a conference call with optional video feed. (You do need to be in front of your computer for this.)
  • A unique private coaching process In addition to your peer mastermind group, you’ll also get private strategic coaching. The foundation of the SalesPlus Mastermind Group is the MVP coaching process that will help you assess your goals and vision, create a specific strategy, execute your plans, measure and track your results and be accountable to your peers.  These meetings can also be used for other professional development opportunities. This meeting can be by phone or video chat. [/expand]

 [expand title=”6. What are the details of the program?“] Your group will choose a convenient time and day for your monthly mastermind meetings such as the 2nd Friday of the month. (There is no good time for most business owners, only less intrusive.) The meetings are structured and allow time for all members  to share key topics, concerns, brainstorm ideas and get advice and feedback from the group. All meetings are recorded for later review. Your private coaching session is held approximately 2 weeks prior to the group meeting.  We’ll review your successes, challenges, and progress of ongoing projects.  In addition, we will choose and prioritize your topic for your upcoming mastermind meeting.  [/expand]

[expand title=”7. What is the role of the SalesPlus MVP mastermind facilitator and coach?”] The facilitator’s role is to collaboratively guide your meetings. As a trained facilitator and coach, my goal is to foster dynamic participation among the Mastermind Group members so you all receive the maximum value and benefit from the SalesPlus MVP process. We’ll also increase your professional success during your private strategic coaching meetings. [/expand]

[expand title=”8. How do I join a SalesPlus MVP program?”] Group members are selected by an informal invitation process that includes an introduction meeting with your facilitator to discuss your business, niche, and more importantly, ability to give and share feedback while helping others in the group. The members must be in agreement of inviting you to join the group to ensure it is a good fit you and the group.  [/expand]

[expand title=”9. What is my monthly time commitment?”] Each SalesPlus MVP Mastermind Group program includes up to a two hour  group meeting and a private 60-minute strategy coaching meeting. [/expand]

[expand title=”10. What is my investment?”]Your monthly investment may vary depending on services requested. The investment for SalesPlus MVP Coaching and Mastermind Group program, compared to conventional in-person mastermind groups and peer advisory boards, is very reasonable and a great value. It’s also considerably less than private one-on-one coaching.  [/expand]

[expand title=”11. What if I can’t make a meeting?”] Naturally your business and customers come first. There will be times when you will not be able to make a meeting due to unforeseen situations and obligations. This is normal and perfectly acceptable to your group and will happen from time to time. We ask that you treat this no differently than any other business development investment and try your best to limit missed meetings. The group looks forward to your input and feedback. [/expand]

[expand title=”12. Is there a minimum time commitment or long term contract to the group?”] Once you are a member of a 90-day Mastermind Group, there is no minimum time commitment or contract required. However, to achieve the best results and to allow for the group to coalesce, an initial three-month commitment is required for all new members, which can be renewed. [/expand]

[expand title=”13. Where can I read more about mastermind groups?”]

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Creating A Solid Mastermind Group – Jeffrey Gitomer [/expand]

[expand title=”14.  What is my next step?”] Contact us to schedule a no-obligation meeting to discuss your membership options and experience first-hand a private strategic coaching meeting, one of the benefits of the SalesPlus MVP Mastermind Group program.  [/expand]




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