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Develop unique processes for attracting and closing more sales, in-depth planning,
focus, organization and skill development.

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The SalesPlus MVP program is the ultimate sales resource designed to take your business to the next level. Includes significant one-on-one time with Steve to work on your business with special focus on territory management, key business strategies, and enhancing sales and closing skills to significantly impact the bottom line.

Using proven tools, including the Sales Success Insight report and the Sales Skills Index report, we'll sharpen and enhance your sales success to meet and exceed all business goals and expectations. We'll help you overcoming the “Sales Slump” that projects unsure and careful behavior.  You'll developed the the skills and behavior it takes to be successful, and project the confidence you need to be successful in sales. Together, we'll work to quickly turn a “sales slump” into success.

We'll focus on: 

  • Shifting from servicing to selling
  • Developing SMART goals
  • Creating new success strategies
  • Make an effective presentation
  • Handle objections
  • Follow up on sales
  • Set sales goals
  • Prioritizing & time management
  • Fine-tuning communication skills
  • Exploring advanced territory management
  • Overcoming tactical and psychological distractions
  • Using social media for business
  • Reviewing sales S.W.O.T.
  • Discovering your unique recipe for success
  • Improving work/life balance

Develop Your Unique Selling Styles In today’s competitive marketplace, success in selling is more challenging and requires a higher level of skill. You learn how to understand and develop your natural sales style, and how to best adapt it to the type of product or service you are selling. You learn how to handle sales presentations, as well as closing and service your clients/accounts. Because all people are unique, no two professionals sell the same.

You'll learn how to:

  • Adjust your sales strengths to the situation
  • Get a better understanding of your sales process
  • Treating each sales situation the way top sales professionals do

Giving Customers What They Want Customers want excellent service along with top quality products. They want compatible, honest relationships with their sales professionals, and custom-made solutions to their problems. You'll learn how to adapt a specific sales style to deliver what your customers want.

  • Focus your professional development on areas that produce results
  • Develop new sales strategies to sell your specific product or service
  • Increase your confidence and closing ratio

We offer focused, confidential and experienced support that helps you achieve the highest levels of success - while also achieving work/life balance. You’ll find support and skills to keep the enthusiasm you need to perform at your best. Our Coaching Success Programs offer you an opportunity to work with Steve one-on-one. Leverage the power of email, and video/phone to access Steve’s experience, wisdom and powerful insights he provides.

Key benefits include:

  • A trusted colleague who's committed to your success and personal fulfillment
  • A sounding board for your most pressing challenges and compelling opportunities
  • Leading-edge tools to boost your efforts and find efficiencies
  • A partner in leading your business, career or life in the direction you choose

Talk with us and learn how we can help you:

David IglehartDavid IglehartGeneral Manager, Capital Sales Account Executive at Hill-Rom

"Steve has an uncanny ability to help me work through things or offer perspective and insight to get me back on track. At first he and I talked a lot about work and my specific work related challenges. No matter how hard or bad things were, he was able to help me find the positive and focus on that rather than beating myself up over the negative or the things I could not change."



Derek HendersonDerek HendersonClinical Sales Specialist, Boston Scientific

"Before taking his class, I had very little knowledge of the Medical Device industry. After the 1st week of his course, I discovered so much more knowledge, than I previously had. What little I knew! WOW! What a difference he made. Again, if you are looking to enter the Medical device field, you cannot afford NOT to take Steve's course! Thanks a million, Steve!"



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