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For those who want to increase your personal or professional success, there are many opportunities to access Steve's wisdom and experience in group and 1:1 coaching.

Steve has created specialized MastermindQuick Start1:1 Coaching, and Organization/Team programs that will help you quickly and efficiently create the life and business you deserve.

Margarita ShubMargarita ShubFaculty Instructor, Lincoln Technical Institute

"Steve is a great coach, very supportive and caring. Steve makes me feel so comfortable and successful while preparing for the interview.  He helps me build on my strengths and conceptualized in my mind how to fit in medical device industry and be marketable.  Steve has a warm personality, and I always happy work with him. I would recommend Steve as a business coach/trainer to get a great result."



Mastermind Roundtable Groups

Be a part of a dynamic group of successful entrepreneurs and professionals, for accountability, strategy, and support to build your dream business or career.

  • Marketing & Business Development

    Included in this program: twice monthly mastermind roundtable sessions led by Steve and a monthly educational event. Our goal is to fine-tune your marketing, sales, and business development process for ongoing grow.

  • Learn how to Break into Medical Device Sales 

    Included in this 90-day program: three monthly high powered, small group mastermind sessions, led by Steve focused on learning how to how market yourself using the latest social media strategies, resume tips, and interview preparation techniques to quickly get hired in the medical device industry.

Quick Start Programs

For those who want immediate support, these time-saving, laser focused professional development programs provide ways to jumpstart your business or career.

  • Sales

    Overcoming The “Sales Slump” 

    Ninety percent of all sales professionals who experience a sales slump have merely lost sight of the behavior it takes to be successful. Together we’ll quickly turn your “sales slump” into success.

  • Effective Communications

    Understanding Others Perceptions 

    Successful professionals depend on the ability to quickly connect with people and build better relationships. You’ll learn to communicate more effectively with your customers, team, and co-workers.

  • Interview Preparation

    Look at yourself “in the mirror”

    See what the interviewer sees. Discover your value to an organization, the best environment for you, and identify and focus on your key strengths for closing the interview.

Raquel Gallagher R. T. (R)Raquel Gallagher R. T. (R)Sales Representative, Excel Imaging Solutions

"Steve's experience in the world of Medical Sales became evident when I started working with him. He helped me develop a plan on managing the expansive territory I cover along with creating a system of following up with my existing customers by territory. I felt stronger and more motivated with each coaching session and was able to apply immediately what I learned. I highly encourage hiring Steve as a Sales Coach!"



1:1 Coaching Programs

Want more personalized support?

Your choice of topic: business, sales, leadership, interview preparation, or personal development.

These program options are designed to allow you to choose the individual 1:1 coaching package based on your needs, goals, time frame, and desired outcomes. Please contact us to discuss the best fit for YOU.

  • Strategy Meeting

    Give me 60 minutes and I’ll give you six strategies to increase your success!

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  • MVP Intensive Day

    Full or Half day live or virtual MVP days are customized for you. It is focused time designed specifically to quickly move you or your team forward.

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  • Success Programs

    Meet 2, 3, or 4 times per month for growth, accountability, professional, and personal development.

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Other Services

  • Business Support Services

    Graphic Design & Websites – Marketing & Branding
    – Writing & Editing

    We can help with all your small business development and marketing needs. Our team and partners can guide you in creating your marketing plan and establishing your brand.


  • Job Search & Interview Prep

    Resume writing – Personal Branding
    – Social Media Marketing

    We can help with all your career transition marketing needs. Our coaches can guide you in creating or updating your resume, cover letter, personal branding, and social media marketing plan.

Jeff Van DeusenJeff Van DeusenSales Professional, First BOV

"When I needed to get indoctrinated into the world of Medical Device sales and Pharmaceutical sales, Steve, like the best cream, rose to the top. He went out of his way to call me from his home on a Friday evening, and delayed his dinner plans with his wife, and literally gave me all of his years of experience, wisdom, and input, and distilled it down to me over the course of a rather lengthy phone call.   Furthermore, Steve then sent me a follow up email, making sure I got everything that we had went over on our phone call, detailing the key take-aways. While it is great to have someone with such knowledge, it is even better to have someone that has such a passion for the industry, that goes way above and beyond, the concept of "helping someone."



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