Passion Quest - Personal Development

Effective, Simple, Caring Solutions to Your Challenges

Because there is more to life that just work and career, I want you to have the strategies, tools and support to shift from confusion to focused action. I’m passionate about people learning how to align their life and family with their values and gifts.

After a very successful start to my career, I hit a wall in my mid-thirties. My dream job turned into a nightmare. This turning point started my quest to discover the key to knowing my inner blueprint and getting on-track with my life and family.

Now, I’m living my dream…beyond what I could imagine. When we align our life and our family with who we are, extraordinary results occur. I want to support you in discovering your master plan for yourself and creating the life you truly desire.

Our Personal Development Program is for you if you:

  • Have achieved success, but feel unfulfilled
  • Are rebuilding your life after downsizing, divorce or other transition
  • Starting to build a family team
  • Want to Improve communication skills
  • Need to mend relationships
  • Rediscovering purpose and passion in life
  • Looking to resolving conflict
  • Are seeking more satisfying work
  • Are still wondering “What do I want to be when I grow up?”
  • Have a deep sense you are meant to contribute something more

Passion Quest - A Vet for All Seasons

A powerful and amazing story of overcoming adversity.

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