Course Overview

Marketing is an essential element for every business. It is often that single missing puzzle piece which reveals the big picture when it finally fits. You’ll be given an introduction to marketing and its benefits. If you are not marketing your business, you will not grow. If you do not grow, you will not succeed.

10-week live video Marketing Basics workshop will provide you the basic knowledge, and give you the ability to build and grow your business. Marketing has changed a lot recently and having a new perspective will give you the needed information to assist you in making your marketing decisions. No matter what your product or service is, your business will benefit with a better understanding of marketing.

 Workshop Objectives

  • Define your market
  • Know the different types of marketing and ways to use them
  • Learn effective ways of communicating with the customer
  • Know how to set marketing goals and strategies
  • Recognize common marketing mistakes and know how to avoid them


What You Will Learn

What is Marketing?      

  • What is a Market?          
  • Marketing is Not Selling               
  • Understanding Customer Needs             
  • Defining Your Product or Service              

Common Marketing Types (I)     

  • Direct Marketing             
  • Active Marketing            
  • Incoming Marketing      
  • Outgoing Marketing      

Common Marketing Types (II)   

  • Guerrilla Marketing        
  • B2B Marketing 
  • B2C Marketing 
  • Promotional Marketing

The Marketing Mix          

  • Product               
  • Price     
  • Promotion         
  • Place    

Communicating the Right Way  

  • The Marketing Pitch      
  • Sell Value, Not the Price              
  • Fun and Entertaining is Powerful             
  • Choosing the Right Media

Customer Communications       

  • Give Your Customers a Voice     
  • It’s Not About You, It’s About Them       
  • Every Interaction Counts             
  • Answer Questions Honestly       

Marketing Goals               

  • Brand Switching               
  • Repeat Purchases           
  • Brand Loyalty    
  • Inform and Educate       

The Marketing Funnel   

  • Awareness        
  • Interest               
  • Desire  
  • Action  

Marketing Mistakes (I)  

  • Not Taking Social Media Seriously            
  • Not Having a USP            
  • Cross Cultural and International Translations      
  • Not Building a Relationship         

Marketing Mistakes (II) 

  • Not Having a Plan            
  • Aiming at Everyone        
  • Not Tracking Metrics     
  • Not Listening to Your Customers              


Suggested Workshop Participants 

Small business owners, solopreneurs, service professionals, and independent/1099 sales professionals.


Course Date & Times 

This live video workshop meets once a week for ten sessions on Wednesdays

Class begins on Wednesday, October 10, 1PM EDT

All classes are 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT* (New York) on the following dates:

    • October 10, 17, 24, & 31 
    • November 7, 14, 21 & 28
    • December 5 & 12

* 12:00 pm Central, 11:00 am Mountain, 10 am Pacific.


Meeting format

This workshop is offered via live video-conference format with an instructor.

Video-conferences are live workshops that are given over the internet where you can interact with the instructor and the other students. Video-conferences are a great way to learn, because you can learn from the convenience of your home or office.

Telephone dial-in access is available. If you don’t have a camera and microphone on your computer, or you’ll be away from your computer during a class, you can dial into the class via telephone.

The live workshop sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session, you will be able to download the video recording of the class and listen to it at your leisure. Class recordings are generally made available within 24 hours of the class.

All call recordings, workbook and resources are downloadable for later reference. 



  • Ten-weekly live video conference meetings
  • Workbook, handouts and resources  –  in PDF format
  • Participant website and forum
  • Quick Reference Sheets
  • Certificates of Completion


About The Instructor

spp-link Hi, I’m Steve Porcaro, founder of SalesPlus MVP Coaching and Training. As an experienced medical device sales professional, I had been working in and around the Operating Room since 1983.

Today, I share my experience and knowledge with business owners, executives, and sales leaders to maximize professional development and growth. I look forward to sharing all of my tips and strategies to increase your success!

Learn more about Steve    


Registration Fees (In US Dollars) 

Live webinar course fee: $449 



P.S. After signing up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the
course workbook and resources in a few minutes.

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Our Workshop Promise

Our workshops are crammed with information. We are confident that you will find value in all the new ideas, tips and techniques. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quantity and quality of information you received after attending the first class session – we’ll give you your money back. 

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