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I can help. I created this program to work with successful professionals like you who are transitioning.  Using your industry experience, impressive background and extensive knowledge as a foundation, we’ll spend quality one-on-one time working together to create a functional resume, associated materials and strategic plans. The Get Hired Today! program is your chance to work together, one-on-one. Leveraging the power of email, phone and the internet, you have access to all of the powerful career advice, guidance and insights I can provide you.


What could you accomplish if you had a partner dedicated to your success?


Program Overview:

Create your transition plan in weeks and use it to jump-start the hiring process. This program is designed for successful professionals who are transitioning.  This program will show you how to effectively market yourself using the latest social media strategies, resume tips, and interview preparation techniques to get hired quickly. Our hands-on program allows you to explore new ways to strategically handle your career transition. You will take away a solid plan and actionable tools for immediate use to get a fresh start in your existing or new industry. 

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Align your personal and professional goals. 
  • Prepare for the interview – The do’s and don’ts 
  • Create an attention grabbing “professional resume” 
  • Develop a powerful 30-60-90 plan based on your background and experience
  • Build a persuasive professional portfolio – “brag book”
  • Identify and focus on your key strengths
  • Target a company when you can’t go through normal hiring channels (hint, try the back door)
  • Look at yourself “in the mirror” and see what the interviewer may like or dislike
  • Start with a positive attitude and stay focused on the process
  • Make and implement your marketing plan
  • Uncover and utilize inside information to jump ahead of other candidates
  • Utilize your network via social media to implement your transition strategy

Key Benefits:

  • A trusted colleague who’s committed to your success and personal fulfillment
  • Leading-edge tools to increase your career transition success
  • A sounding board for your most pressing challenges, and compelling opportunities
  • A partner who provides ongoing support before, during, and after your transition

Come with your questions  – walk away with answers
and your ready-to-use plan!

Program Features:

  • Private meetings (phone/Skype/in-person) 
  • The Get Hired Today!© Workbook in PDF format  
  • Worksheets and samples to help you build upon your strengths and achievements
  • 1-Year membership in The OR Lounge MDSP online community
  • Success Insights assessment reports 
  • Priority phone and e-mail support between meetings  (Priceless!)


 Investment Options


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