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Our goal is to make your job as a meeting planner or event coordinator simple.

How can we help? Our goal is to make your job as a meeting planner or event coordinator simple. Here’s all the key information you need for your event with Steve. If you’d like additional information, just contact us, and we’ll get it out to you ASAP.

Steve's Speaker Bio

Steve Porcaro, ACC is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals through effective sales, leadership, and business development strategies.

We live in a world where it is harder and harder to be heard. I founded SalesPlus MVP Academy to provide the education, tools and tactics to cut through the noise. My mission is to empower growth, by not only giving you the tools and techniques to improve but also providing continued support to business owners, solopreneurs, and teams who are dedicated to helping organizations level up.

Steve uses an assessment-based approach that allows individuals and teams to better understand themselves and others. He speaks frequenting on communication, stress reduction and teamwork to improve performance and business growth. His interactive presentations and workshops provide participants with information, skills and tools that can be used immediately.

Steve has over 25 years’ experience coaching, training and speaking. He is a graduate of Coach University and is a member of the International Coach Federation and Past President of the Connecticut chapter. His previous experiences includes serving as a surgical technologist in the U.S. Navy, as well as independent sales consultant and trainer for major medical device companies, Certified Master OASIS Trainer, and a DISC Behaviors Facilitator.

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