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Our customized training and coaching programs will help you discover more effective ways to maximize your team’s results and manage operations more efficiently. You’ll learn to match your leadership style to the needs of your team and bring out the best from each member. We will help your team align goals, enhance communications, and create high performing teams.

Taking Business Development and
Strategic Planning To The Next Level.

Leading organizations has never been more challenging. The focus of established leaders should be to act on behalf of the younger generation that follows. In fact, we should be constantly mindful of the example we set for them. It is no longer about our own success, profit margins, victories, or ego. It is all about getting the next batch ready.

We'll Focus On:

  • Advanced Leadership & Staff Development - How functional or dysfunctional is your workplace family? Gain confidence and implement standards to hold team members accountable.
  • Be A Better Leader - How to be more respectful, competent, accountable, approachable, and trusting. And learn how to teach these skills to your team.
  • Continuous Growth - How do you maximize your resources to ensure it survives, thrives and keeps the engines running beyond its current capabilities.
  • Effective Decision Making - Learn how to weigh alternative, make quick decisions, delegate effectively, and keep the momentum moving within your team.
  • Leading Change - Become a great communicator and learn to evangelize incremental or strategic change so everyone is on-board and raring to go.
  • Project Management - Drive clockwork dependability within your organization, deliver on-time and become the envy of your peers.
  • Personnel Development - How to retain the best - people stay or leave because of people. Reduce the churn and learn to fill up your direct report's motivational fuel tank.

Develop & Ensure Critical
Leadership and Management Skills

Who will be your next generation of leaders and how do you adequately prepare them? New leaders are needed for this new century of globalization and continual change.

During our training, your high-potential team learns to become inclusive and collaborative leaders, developing skills in strategy, objectivity, delegation, navigating change, conflict resolution, communication, risk-taking, entrepreneurship, appreciative inquiry, teamwork and networking.

Our Emerging Leaders Program is a highly successful and innovative leadership development program for emergent executives.

We'll focus on: 

  • Leadership vs. Management - Understand the difference and learn how to integrate basic tools and techniques to build a successful team.
  • Personal Development - Helping the emerging leader to develop inner confidence and a plan to move the
  • Team Building - Working together and learning to build a cohesive team to ensure lower employee churn and dissatisfaction.
  • Human Resources - Learning the basic elements of working with individual team members to ensure they run a tight ship without problems creeping in.
  • Strategic Planning - Helping your emerging leader to think and act more strategically - get them out of the day-to-day mode and delegate more effectively.
  • Advanced Communications - Having critical conversations, managing team status meetings, and developing motivational one-on-one interactions

You Don't Have To Go It Alone

We offer focused, confidential and experienced support that helps you achieve the highest levels of success - while also achieving work/life balance. You’ll find support and skills to keep the enthusiasm you need to perform at your best. Our SalesPlus MVP Coaching Success Programs offer you an opportunity to work with Steve one-on-one. Leverage the power of email, and video/phone to access Steve’s experience, wisdom and powerful insights he provides.

Key benefits include:

  • A trusted colleague who's committed to your success and personal fulfillment
  • A sounding board for your most pressing challenges and compelling opportunities
  • Leading-edge tools to boost your efforts and find efficiencies
  • A partner in leading your business, career or life in the direction you choose

Investment Options for 1:1 Coaching Programs

Your choice of coaching topic: business, sales, leadership, interview preparation, or personal development.

These program options are designed to allow you to choose the individual 1:1 coaching package based on your needs, goals, time frame, and desired outcomes. Please contact us to discuss the best fit for YOU.

Premier Package

Package includes:

  • Six (6) Private meetings
  • One (1) Personalized report assessment
  • One (1) Report Review meeting
  • Unlimited Support between meetings: short calls, text and e-mails 
  • Sample program worksheets & resources
  • Access to all live educational events & classes
Pro Package

Package includes:

  • Nine (9) Private meetings
  • One (1) Personalized reports/assessments 
  • One (1) Report Review meeting
  • Unlimited Support between meetings: short calls, text and e-mails 
  • Sample program worksheets & resources
  • Access to all live educational events & classes
  • Extended meeting hours available
Platinum Package

Package includes:

  • Twelve (12) Private meetings
  • Two (2) Personalized reports/assessments 
  • One (1) Report Review meeting
  • Unlimited Support between meetings: short calls, text and e-mails
  • Sample program worksheets & resources
  • Access to all live educational events & classes
  • Extended meeting hours available

Program notes:

  • Fees are for private meetings conducted by telephone/video calls or at my office.
  • All private coaching meetings are approximately 55 minutes, unless otherwise noted.
  • For in-person/onsite sessions, travel time and expenses will apply outside local area.
  • Meetings to be used or scheduled within 120-days.
  • All fees are due prior to first meeting and payable by debit or credit card.
    (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa)
William PeruginiWilliam PeruginiVice President of Sales, Skeletal Dynamics

"Steve has a unique and non-threatening way of understanding the issues one needs to realize the goals they aspire to achieve. His unique coaching style has been shaped and sharpened by both his extensive business experience and true interest in helping people. Steve offers the intellectual wisdom of a tenured professor with the reassurance of a community pastor. Steve has helped me like no other."



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