I get emails and calls on a regular basis from sales professionals coming from a variety of fields looking for tips and advice on the “best” way to break into the medical device sales industry. The first thing I share with them is this; you have to think of yourself as a product with features and benefits that will be of value to a company, and learn how to sell yourself.  Sounds easy right?

Then why is it one of the most common challenges I see?

It’s simple. Most companies invest a  significant amount of time and resources preparing you to sell their products and services effectively. Training can range from one day to one month or more before they let you get in front of prospects and customers.

Unfortunately, most sales professionals don’t take the time to properly prepare themselves for one of the most important sales call they will ever make – and it shows.

When you approach the hiring process as a sale, with yourself as the product, you can start creating a sales process that works best for you. This should include a value proposition, a marketing plan, a company target list, your personal branding literature (a professional biography, executive summary and or resume), networking strategy, and anything else that you need to successfully sell yourself to the right company.

Remember, you are being hired to sell and solve problems in the field. Start by showing how you achieve that for the right company with the product you know best – yourself.

Look for part II, where I will share why it is important to target the right company for you. (Hint: Think of professional athletes. Most only excel at one sport.)

Sell with Purpose and Passion,